The Good and Bad Points About DHGate

As one of the leading wholesaler and drop shipper marketplaces, DHGate is a popular and easy way to trade with very low priced wholesalers, manufacturers and drop shippers that are based in China.  It's easy to find products from most major categories – but there are some bad points as well that I want to talk about in this review.

The Good Points

The best things about DHGate are the range of goods and the extremely low prices.  There are millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers that are available to buy on DHGate – in most cases both in bulk and even single units (from drop shippers).

Prices are very low too – the average price, including shipping, of a pair of socks on DHGate is just over $1.00, for example.  This is a major trend product at the moment, so there are a lot of people who will be buying such items on sites like DHGate and Ali Express.

The Bad Points

The main negative about DHGate is that delivery to the rest of the world is so slow.  It can easily take 14 days or more to ship goods to the USA, and in most cases much longer than that.

Consumers in the United States and Europe are simply not used to such slow delivery, so if you're working with a drop shipper from DHGate then expect to get a lot of angry messages and negative reviews from customers who expect much faster shipping.