Kosher Emergency Meals Are There Just In Case

You probably have heard of the word Kosher before. This typically is the food that Jewish people eat. As we all know, Jews are the same humans as us but with a different religion. They eat almost the same food as us but with different names. These food are derived from Deuteronomy and Leviticus. Basically, anything consumed according to their Jewish law is called kosher. And they have Kosher Emergency Meals.

There are a lot of rules in their religion about what to eat and what not to eat, like in Islam, they are supposed to not eat any pork. This is because of their belief and we should respect everyone and their religion. Just because they are different from yours does not make them better than you nor are you better than them.

In fact, all of us are equal humans that roam the Earth, right? Unfortunately, humans these days, especially with the access to the internet, tend to make fun of things that are different from them. This is stupid. It is like laughing at someone for being born Asian or Black or White. The same with making fun of humans who like shoes over slippers and whatnot.

This is mostly due to their lack of understanding and confusion. And you know humans, if it is something we simply cannot understand, we point fingers and mock it. Sadly, the ones who do this are ignorant adults, children and old people. That really says something about this generation, does it?

Well, at least we are progressively changing. In a darker and morbid way of thinking, which we really do not promote at all, some of us would even be glad that all the people from the old generation are going to die so the new ones with open minds take over. Not really all that PC, huh? Wishing a mass genocide upon humans who are bigots.

Yeah, it does not sound hypocritical at all. In any case, the Jewish people have always been more progressive if not sensitive to society. The reason is mostly too stupid jokes against them that relates to a certain dictator back in the 1940s that did terrible things to their people. Glad that bastard is long dead though.

Just wish his teachings and ridiculously passionate yet insane rants did not reach to anyone. People may deny any affiliation to any of that right now, due to fear of being attacked, but they still believed in everything he had to say. Can you believe that? They lurk in the shadows, you know. And it is scary as all hell.

Thankfully, there are more Jews in this generation than there are in the past. This makes it hard for them to do anything or something. So they leave them alone and they can proceed to do the things they should. Their lifestyle is healthier if you ask us. The food they have and will only eat definitely makes you healthier.

That being said, if ever you need these kinds of produce, then order some or go buy a box yourself. They could come in handy someday. Beats eating burgers every day.